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Ultra fine flash glitz gives extreme sparkle that is out of this world. Turn on your camera flash and see the mesmerizing twinkle in photos and videos.

Let your creativity run wild with these loose flash glitters...
✨ Create sugar nails
✨ Mix with clear gel polish, glass gel, hard gel & acrylics
✨ Mix with other Glitz for added effects

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4 grams in each jar

Sugar Gel Nails:

Works great with Micro Glitz

  1. Apply base gel color of choice. Cure.
  2. Apply a layer of Luxa Base. DO NOT CURE.
  3. Sprinkle enough glitter to fully cover the nail over the uncured Luxa Base. Tap off excess glitter.
  4. Cure in LED/UV (a double/triple cure time is recommended for sugar nails)
  5. Done & Enjoy!
  1. Apply Gel Color of choice over buffed and cleansed nail. CURE.
  2. Apply Luxa Base. DO NOT CURE.
  3. Use brush or spatula to pick up Glitz and pour onto uncured Luxa Base.
  4. Use brush to lightly flatten any glitter that may be stick up.
  5. CURE.
  6. Apply thin layer of Luxa Build over entire nail. Do not cure.
  7. Float additional Build over nail focusing on the glitter area to encapsulate it.
  8. CURE.
  9. Wipe inhibition layer and lightly file edges of nail and file or buff any high spots.
  10. Clean nail from any dust.
  11. Apply Luxa Shine. CURE.

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