Luxa Dual Lamp v2

$229 $249

You've ask for it and we made it happen! The Luxa Dual Lamp a removable magnetic base is finally here! Our powerful, sleek and light-weight design fits perfectly on your table while still providing plenty of room for your client's hands and feet. Cures all LED/UV gel. 

- 120V (US) plug
- High Power 48W for fast curing
- Dual light source (395nm) LED bulbs curing all gel
- Reflective base for even curing
- Removable, magnetic base
- Battery life - 1.5 hrs
- 28 strategically placed LED bulbs
- Auto On/Off sensor
- Convenient handle design for easy carry
- Three timer settings (30s, 60s, 90s)


- 1 Luxa Cordless Rechargeable Dual Lamp (48W)
- 1 AC Power Adapter

IMPORTANT: As with any battery, the life is reduced the more cycles it goes through. To avoid over-using the battery, only use the lamp as cordless for special services, like a gel pedi. For regular, daily use, keep the lamp plugged in. The battery is NOT covered under the warranty! With proper care, the battery has a lifespan of 8-12 months and the LED lights 18-24 months.

*Any orders outside of the U.S. or Canada will need a prong converter to fit your specific outlet. It can be picked up at any local hardware store.


1-Year Limited Warranty: Warranty only covers lights and mechanisms of the lamp. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, customer negligence, customer error, misuse or accidents. Battery lifespan not covered in warranty.

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