Lamia - Shattered Chameleon Flakes ^


Radiant color shifting, iridescent flakes. For a more intense effect use with a dark base color!


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0.25 grams of flakes in a 3 gram sealed jar.
Professional use only

    Directions for regular polish:

    1. Apply base color of choice. Allow polish to dry slightly to a tacky finish. Add the flakes on top of the sticky polish, lightly pressing them flat.
    2. Seal with two layers of top coat.

    Directions for gel:

    1. Apply base color of choice. Cure.
    2. Add flakes onto the tacky layer.
    3. Lightly smooth flakes on the nails.
    4. (Suggested) Apply a thin coat of Luxa Prime.
    5. (Optional) For extra protection, apply Luxa Base. Cure.
    6. Finish with gel top coat or Luxa Shine or Luxa Matte


    1. Use 1-2 layers of gel color of choice. Cure.
    2. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Shine top coat and cure. (LED 30 secs / UV 2 min)
    3. For best results use Luxa silicone tool to pick up a small amount of Shattered Flakes. Use light pressure to press into the nail.
    4. Dust off any remaining pigment off the nail. 
    5. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Shine or Luxa Matte top coat and cure (LED 30 secs/ UV 2 min)

    For additional info, check out our FAQ page.

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