Oil Slick Set

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"The Oil Slick Collection" are multi-shifting chrome powders have a tri-quad color shift effect. They are unlike any chrome pigments. The effect is bright and bold. The smooth, creamy application is what makes this pigment stand out. The tiniest amount goes a long way. 

All 10 colors

  • Apple Cider - Gold/Light Green/Light Blue
  • Aurora Borealis - Green/Silver/Blue/Violet/Gold
  • Chameleon Envy - Pink/ Peach/Gold/Green/Copper
  • Copper Mule - Bronze/Copper/Gold/Burgundy
  • Crimson Sky - Purple/Copper/Plum
  • Limeade Crush - Rose/Gold/Peach/Lime/Emerald
  • Mermaid Bliss - Green/Purple/Violet/Cerulean
  • Midnight Rose - Blue/Violet/Pink/Peach 
  • Prismatic Charme - Blue/Violet/Copper/Gold/Purple/Rose
  • Starry Night - Blue/Purple/Violet

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1 gram in a 5 gram sealed jar. 
Professional use only.

        1. Use 1-2 layers of gel color of choice. Cure.
        2. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Shine top coat and cure. (LED 30 secs / UV 2 min)
        3. For best even coverage use 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol on a lint free and wipe the entire nail with the alcohol. Let dry. (1-3 seconds)
        4. With applicator pick up a small amount of pigment. Use light pressure to rub pigment into the nail. Use an up and down and circular motion to ensure full coverage of pigment. (Do steps 3 & 4 one nail at a time)
        5. Dust off any remaining pigment off the nail.
        6. (Recommended) Apply Luxa Prime on the free edge and side walls to prevent any chipping.
        7. (Optional) For extra protection apply a thin layer of Luxa Base. Cure
        8. Finish with Luxa Shine top coat and cure (LED 30 secs/ UV 2 min)
        9. Repeat steps 3 - 6 if more coverage is desired.

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