Pro Brush Promo Instructions

Pro Brush Promo Instructions



What are Pro Brushes?
LUXA's new Pro Brush Oval XL and Pro Brush Square XL are part of a new line of brushes featuring extra long bristles and acetone-resistant easy-grip wooden handles. They're a great addition to your collection if you do a lot of work with enhancement products or art pods as they're designed to give you more control over the product and stand up to prolonged use. 

What are Enhancement Products?
Enhancement products are products used to improve the structure of a client's nails by adding strength, durability, and length. View all LUXA enhancements

Which Enhancement Products should I choose?
The two types of enhancement products we offer are LUXA Matrix and LUXA Build. 

LUXA Build is a builder gel with a thicker viscosity than our regular gels. It's great for nail techs who are comfortable with using gels and want a versatile product that can be used for extensions, overlays, fills, and press-on application.

LUXA Matrix is a polygel that cures like a gel but sculpts like an acrylic. It's perfect for nail techs who want to get away from using acrylics but don't like chasing around builder gels during their applications.

Learn more about LUXA Build and LUXA Matrix on their product pages! 

Which Pro Brush should I choose?
The oval and square shapes are each great for different applications! The oval-shaped tip is great for precision with small and tight areas. The square-shaped tip picks up more product and lays it flat and evenly.

Both are great for Build, Matrix, and Gel Pod applications.

Can I redeem both brushes in the same order?
Yes! If you add both brushes to your cart along with $198 worth of enhancement products then enter code FREEPROBRUSH, you'll get both brushes free.

Can I combine this code with other discounts?
No, you can only use one discount code per purchase.

When does the promo end?
The promo ends March 6, 2023 at 11:59 PT. Your order must be placed before then to qualify.


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