Cat's Eye Volume II - 6 pcs

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Special PRO Offer

Free BLACKOUT with purchase

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LUXA Cat's Eye Volume II is a magnetic gel color that will give a beautiful, dark cat's eye effect. The set features 6 ultra responsive shimmer shades.

Pictured over BLACKOUT gel color.

Set includes:

  • Cat's Eye No. 07
  • Cat's Eye No. 08
  • Cat's Eye No. 09
  • Cat's Eye No. 10
  • Cat's Eye No. 11
  • Cat's Eye No. 12
  • Magnetic Wand

Price if purchased individually: $18 each

Limited quantities of sets are available. When sets sell out, they will not be restocked, but single colors can be purchased individually.

15mL / 0.5 fl oz
Professional use only
  1. If applicable, apply gel color of choice. Cure.
  2. Apply a layer of Cat's Eye gel.
  3. Hold "Magic Wand" diagonal, horizontal, or vertically 1 cm away from uncured Cat's Eye gel to achieve your desired look. Cure. LED 30 - 60 secs / UV 2 min.
  4. Finish with Luxa Shine No Wipe Gel Top Coat. Cure.
TIP: It is best to do one or two nails at a time, flash cure, then continue. If you mess up, no worries! Just repaint with Cat's Eye Gel and redo it till you're  happy. Then cure. 


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