Held on a private Instagram page: luxa_virtual_class

*Access will be granted 48 hours prior to class start date.

This private virtual class includes:

  • Private, personalized class working alongside a Luxa Educator. 
  • Learn application and refinement techniques in the privacy of your own space. Teryn will explain and demonstrate each step and then guide you through duplicating the results on your own nails.
  • Step-by-step product application worksheet
  • Professional Luxa Certificate of Completion
  • Be featured on the LuxaPolish.com Salon Locator as a “Luxa Certified Nail Tech”
  • Following this private virtual class, you will be asked to send video and photos of your work to be evaluated. Teryn will give additional guidance and tips on improving your work in the follow-up session.
  • BONUS: A one hour, private follow-up call or video chat to check your progress and answer any questions. 

Note: Teryn will work on a live model during the class while explaining application and refinement techniques. We recommend you have your nails free of product, prepped, and ready to work on while watching the live.