Request a Live

  • Use the calendar above to find an open day that works for you
    • On the calendar, GRAY items are pending approval and BLUE items are scheduled.
    • We’d love to fill our calendar and have 5 lives a week!
    • Try to avoid requesting a live the same day as someone else.
  • Please schedule your lives for the next week by THURSDAY EVENING the week prior. This allows to plan space in the grid for your live!
    • Try to commit to 1 live per week, and you're welcome to schedule 2!
    • Use the form above to submit a new request
  • Note that the time is Pacific (PST)
  • Please try to include a photo of a nail tip or set to illustrate what you’ll be showing
  • A team member will confirm that the time works for us and will reach out over DM. Your live is not considered scheduled until you hear from us.

Going Live

    • Confirm
      • A team member will reach out to you via DM the day before your live to confirm the time and make sure you’re able to log in without issue.
    • Log In
      • Use LastPass to log in. Note that the password is routinely revoked and re-shared every few weeks.
    • Once You’re Live...
      • Introduce Yourself: “Hi, this is _____ and today I am going to show you XYZ.” Start asking questions (even just asking where they’re joining from) to encourage engagement.
      • Add Title: ie “Build Overlay with Butterfly Nail Art”
      • Pin a Comment: LUXA Live with @xxx - use code xxx for 10% off (hold the comment down to pin it)
    • End Your Live
      • Recap what you created and which products you used at the end.
      • Check for last minute questions.
    • Save Your Live
      • Download video to keep a copy for yourself
      • Then click share to IGTV. You MUST share/upload to IGTV.


    • Lives: $50
      • A 30-60 minute live will be $50
      • If the live is over 60 minutes, it should be broken into two parts. Compensation is still $50 but you’ll get more time and footage.
      • If the live could not be saved, the compensation is $25
    • Reels: $25
      • If you can use any footage and create a 30 second Reel, you can submit the Reel.
      • For any Reel we use, we’ll pay an additional $25.
    • Payment will be sent via PayPal on the 10th of the month for the work done the month prior (same schedule as commission payouts).


        • You’re a part of our team!
          • LUXA is US (not them); “we” and “our
        • Answering Questions
          • Check frequently for questions
          • Repeat the question out loud before answering
        • Handling tough questions
          • What if I get questions about non-LUXA products?
          • Please state that we can’t offer specific troubleshooting or assistance when mixing with other brands. LUXA used with LUXA is always ideal and recommended.
          • If it’s a question you don’t know the answer to, the LUXA team member watching your live may be able to help… or you can let them know to DM us.
        • Call to Action
          • What you’re guiding people to do should always be related to LUXA…
            DM us for further questions, reach out to our customer service for troubleshooting, and find these products on our website, shop from the link in bio… etc!
          • Avoid using the live opportunity to specifically ask for follows to your personal page. This will happen naturally!
        • Use ALL LUXA products if at all possible
          • Even nail files and buffers!
          •  If you don’t have something, plan the live for later so you can get the products in hand. 
          • Let us know what you’re needing if it’s tools or brushes, as we may have misprints or other slightly imperfect products we can send you.

        Download / View the IG Live Agreement